Abt company I wrote The Furry Fortune book 15 years ago about my dog, Smokey, who shed excessively. Not able to grasp an established publisher, I self – published the book.

Had moderate success with book sales but wanted to excel the story into more mediums.

I decided to adapt the book into a script for the stage and wrote five songs for the play which made it into a musical.

It was a great success and I knew then The Furry Fortune story was ready for the next plateau – Hollywood. I had a connection with the producer, Brad Wilson.

He read the story and loved it! In a matter of days, we had the director, Justin Ward and the great songwriter, Steve Dorff on board for the project. It took two years to get all the moving parts in place but all the pieces connected and The Furry Fortune movie was well on it’s way to getting filmed.

I was so honored to have had a supporting role in the movie and getting to work with such great professionals and get to have scenes with the great Sean Whalen.

We filmed the movie in June 2021 in Hollywood, CA To be released in 2023.

Happy Smokey