D. Goode Morgan

(Pen Name)

*Using the pen name, D. Goode Morgan, Donna is a devoted author of children’s books. She believes all her stories should allow kids to be kids and have the privilege of having fun during that care free time in their lives.  All her books are adventurous, lighthearted and carefree.




*The Furry Fortune*

 (Now a Movie)

To Be Released in 2023 


The Story of a dog whose fur turns into money!

* The Suare Tree*

(Now Being Made Into a Movie)

“The Square Tree”

A Story of a tree who is unique from others and copes with being different in a forest of perfection.

*Ridiculous Nicholas*

“Ridiculous Nicholas”

Discovers that family, friends and ice cream can be a learning experience!


  • Currently In Talks For a TV Show

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D.Goode Morgan